Our skin care treatments are customized to suit every skin type and condition. Treatments are administered by our trained licensed Aestheticians in a relaxing and unique environment.
Facials Nourish and improve the appearance of your skin.

Sapphire 3 Photo-abrasion:

The Sapphire Photo Abrasion therapy is a non-invasive process producing dramatic results. Using dry and wet abrasion, using a unique vibration and rotation device that deeply but gently exfoliates the skin. Lymphatic drainage to detoxify and improve the health of the skin, red light and micro current are used to promote collagen production and speed cellular turn over, blue LED light helps heal acne and also introduces oxygen to the deeper layers of the skin speeding the healing process and promoting healthy cell growth.

Acne Blue LED Light Therapy:

The ISI Acne healing Facial begins with a mild peel to resurface and smooth the skin then focuses on deep pore cleansing extractions. A combination of customized infusion of healing antioxidants with anti-inflammatory red and yellow LED and antibacterial blue LED are used to balance skin on a cellular level. Blue LED is the most preferred alternative solution for treating mild acne vulgaris thereby, inducing photo-excitation of bacterial porphyrins; single oxygen production; subsequent bacterial destruction.

Revive Balancing Facial:

Designed specifically to combat the adverse effects of environmental toxins on the skin, the synergy of exfoliation, cleansing, hydration, and extractions gently detoxifies and corrects imbalances for a radiant complexion. This individualized indulgence includes a facial massage to promote relaxation and treatment masque selected exclusively for your skin type.

Juvesa Lifting Facial:

An advanced Photo-Abrasion technique using diamond tipped hand piece with L.E.D. The skin is exfoliated while L.E.D. light energy is being absorbed through skin enhancing the effects of the treatment. Follow with BioSonix and Myolift (Ultrasound and microcurrent combined with LED light) that will lift, tone and sculpt the muscles giving you a firmer foundation to combat the aging process.

Red Carpet Oxylight Facial:

Red Carpet Facial Rejuvenation originated in the Hollywood area, named for the treatments the stars receive prior to hitting the red carpet. This treatment experience will show you incredible results This treatment provides: Diamond Abrasion to remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh new life to your face and neck; unique Oxy-Lymphatic drainage to reduce any swelling and puffiness; Oxygen infused into the skin to reduce inflammation and plump fine lines; Microcurrent therapy with LED light to tighten and lift your face; and last you are placed under a LED light panel with oxygen inhalation customized for your skin needs.

Ultrasonic Photo Rejuvenation:

Using Ultrasonic waves to cleanse the skin, removing the oil and cellular debris from the pores without irritation of extraction, followed by a combination of Red light with Microcurrent therapy to improve toning and tightening of the face and neck area.

Microdermabrasion Facial:

At The International Skin Institute we offer all types of microdermabrasion technologies such as Sapphire Photo-Abrasion, Diamond Abrasion and Hydradermabrasion. After skin analysis we will customize he Microdermabrasion exfoliation technique best for your skin type to remove the top most layer of skin and promote the growth of healthy new skin cells. Visible results on skin complexion, texture and detoxification after the very first treatment; skin will look rejuvenated and hydrated.

Lunch Time Glow & Go:

The Lunch Time Glow and Go as a solution for anyone who needs to get their glow back FAST. This unique 30 minute treatment begins with a customized exfoliation treatment to sweep away dead cells and smooth the skin. Then, using gentle microcurrent therapy, a deep-penetrating brightening antioxidant serum is infused, leaving the skin vibrant, refreshed, glowing and ready to go! The Glow and Go is a gentle, yet highly effective "day of" facial treatment. With no redness or down-time, makeup can be applied immediately after. It's the ideal skin boost before parties, weddings, or photos. The Glow and Go is also the perfect treatment between facials to maintain that healthy glow.


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