Juvesa ProSkin

The Juvesa ProSkin uses the proven effect of light waves and combines them with highly beneficial vitamin exfoliation to develop a multi-faceted, skin rejuvenation process resulting in dramatic results that improves the skin’s health and appearance from the first treatment.

Juvesa Therapy is an effective treatment for:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Sun-damaged skin;
  • Acne;
  • Scars;
  • Hyper-pigmentation;
  • Enlarged and clogged pores;
  • Sagging skin and reduced skin elasticity;
  • Lymphatic drainage, and
  • Anti-aging.

Visible Results after One Treatment

The Juvesa Therapy takes a relaxing 45 minutes and generally 4-6 treatments are recommended for maximum benefit. Maintenance treatments may follow once a month. There is no discomfort and no recovery time is necessary. Treatments are progressive and you’ll notice further improvement with every treatment.

Diamond Photo-abrasion: 

An application which utilizes crystal-free micro-abrasion in conjunction with full spectrum L.E.D. light technology;

Light Therapy: DEPD

Non-invasive healing and restorative LED light including Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. When the body is exposed to light, cells are stimulated and become more efficient leading to increased cellular activity, improved natural repair and immunity, and the creation of conditions more conducive to cell regeneration and proliferation. Juvesa light therapy will strengthen vascular walls, leading to improved oxygenation and detoxification of the skin, heightened nutrient migration between cells and an increase in the retention rate of moisture and hydration.

The benefits of specific LED lights:

This stimulates fibroblastic activity, which helps collagen production. It also works for those treating wrinkles and enlarged pores. Red light relieves swelling by increasing lymphatic system activity, and also stimulates the release of ATP, a major carrier of energy to cells. It also helps combat pain by going deep inside the dermis to repair damaged cells and reduce inflammation, making it effective for helping with burns, sore muscles, sprains, arthritis, joint and back pain, and more.
This kills bacteria, which helps with acne and inflammation from acne. It also evens out pigmentation, smoothes fine lines, and improves hydration.
This rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. This brightens skin and slows the aging process. It also treats hyper pigmentation & scars and helps with lymphatic drainage.
Most skin types react well to green light, which evens out pigmentation, smoothes fine lines and improves hydration and dilated capillaries.

Microcurrent with Light Therapy: myolight

A novel application that combines both light and micro-current technologies in the same setting and is used to stimulate the healing process, blood circulation and lymphatic flow; as well as restore the body’s own natural current and help in increasing ATP production. Works on a cellular level to help stimulate the healing process. Studies have shown that, by using micro currents consistently, blood circulation increased by 35%, lymphatic drainage increased by 28%, elastin fibers in the skin increased by 45%, and collagen thickness in the dermis layer of skin increased by 10%. 

Biosonix Ultrasound: 

An innovative hand piece coupled with full Spectrum LED light and Ultrasound waves offering both thermal and non-thermal physiological benefits including increasing lymph flow, collagen production while delivering serums & nutrients through the skin. Stimulates lymph flow and tissue fluids, while also increasing intracellular calcium that can act as a signal inducing fibroblasts to increase collagen production; Potentially capable of delivering serums & nutrients through the skin via a process known as phonophoresis.


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